Please contact me if you have any questions about my services or the pricing. If your type of project isn’t included in my listed services, feel free to ask me about it!

I offer the following services:

Travel photography

Capturing majestic landscapes and tourist attractions in Canada and overseas. Giving life to your brand and showing its audacious personality to the world. Creating epic images for your magazine and your blog.

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Portrait photography

Making your personality shine through creative or formal portraits. We can collaborate on moodboards to find the perfect ideas ahead of time if you wish. These are ideal for your social media, your profile pictures or to put on your dating profile!

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Wedding photography

Capturing your long awaited perfect day. Following you, your friends and your family through this special day to create memories that will last forever. Making sure you have the smoothest day so you can focus on your couple.

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Lifestyle photography

Creating stunning images that reflect your personality and the items you want to show off. Whether you are an instagrammer or simply someone who likes having some nice pictures for your social media, let’s create them together.

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Event photography

Covering your event and capturing the ambiance of the moment.

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Product photography

Creating moods and textures that put your product under the spotlight. Perfect for showcasing your products on your website, on your social media and in your ads.

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Colour correcting your RAW images and removing distracting elements. Minor alterations: changing the white balance and tone curve, etc. Significant alterations: totally changing some colours, adding or removing elements, combine multiple images, etc. All according to your aesthetics!

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